Carl Purpus, Plant Collector in Western America Report of My Journey in the Southern Sierra Nevada and the Argus and Madurango Ranges (Continued)  

by C. A. Purpus
Daunt, Tulare County, August 1897  

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Original Title:

Bericht uber meine Tour in die sudliche Sierra Nevada und die Argus und Madurango Ranges

Von C. A. Purpus, Daunt, Tulare Co. im August 1897.

Mitt. Deutsch. Dendrol. Ges. 6: 313-318.

      DAUNT P.O., 20 SEPTEMBER 1897
Size Image Looking toward Broder Cabin and Farewell Gap, Sierra Nevada, California.  

Locations: Broder's Cabin, Mineral King.

Letters: 9/8/1897  

Today I returned from my expedition to the high mountains, laden with rich booty. It was uncomfortably cold there from the end of August to the second half of September, down to -2-3 degrees C. every morning. I found the lovely Abies concolor, grey-white with violet winged seeds, bearing a abundance of cones. I did not collect seeds of Pinus murrayana, and got only a few from P. balfouriana, as it was terribly awkward and laborious. At 10-11,000 feet I collected a very beautiful Haplopappus, miscellaneous Bigelowia, and Sorbus occidentalis. An interesting form of Artemisia tridentata with huge, nearly scentless leaves grew at 11,000 feet. In growth and habit it differed essentially from the typical species and may perhaps be a different species. I also collected Juniperus occidentalis, Arctostaphylos sp., A. nevadensis, Pinus emarginata at 10,000 feet, and many others.
      I herewith express my deepest appreciation to the members of the DDG [German Dendrological Society], who have kept me so kindly in their thoughts in Hamburg. It has given me great pleasure, and I will always endeavour to benefit their interests.
      My esteemed patrons and all interested parties should take note that my collection of trees, shrubs, cacti, etc. from this year has been given over to Mr. H. A. Hesse, owner of the renowned nursery in Weener a. Ems, Ostfriesland. He will oversee their distribution. I ask that you turn to his firm with trust.
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