Carl Purpus, Plant Collector in Western America Report of My Journey in the Southern Sierra Nevada and the Argus and Madurango Ranges (Continued)  

by C. A. Purpus
Daunt, Tulare County, August 1897  

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Original Title:

Bericht uber meine Tour in die sudliche Sierra Nevada und die Argus und Madurango Ranges

Von C. A. Purpus, Daunt, Tulare Co. im August 1897.

Mitt. Deutsch. Dendrol. Ges. 6: 313-318.

      *From the material lying before me collected by Mr. Purpus, it may be Cupressus arizonica Greene, or, following Masters in A General View of the Genus Cupressus, p. 340, C. benthamii var. arizonica. It has previously been known from the Arizona Mountains; the Santa Catalina, Sierra Madre, Santa Rita, and Chiricahua mountains. The accompanying illustrations (see also Gardeners Chronicle 1895, p. 63) agrees with the material received.
      In my lecture at Karlsruhe, 1892 (see Einheitliche Coniferen-Benennung zweite Folge, p. 9), I called attention to the ones discovered by Green in the mountains of eastern Arizona, which have proved to be the hardiest cypress in England.
      If Mr. Purpus supplies us with seeds from high elevations of this lovely cypress, we hope that this one will also come into use a a conifer for open spaces. In any event, cultivation experiments should be conducted in suitable habitats.
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