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Distribution maps from The Jepson Manual

Because the maps are constructed by means of a program that parses the distribution recorded in The Jepson Manual, the distribution hierarchy detailed in the Manual (pages 37-48), has been interpreted strictly--perhaps more strictly than was intended by some authors or editors. Strict interpretation, combined with graphic presentation, highlights anomalies.

For example the recorded distribution of some 230 plants in the Manual is the California Floristic Province (CA-FP) only. Within CA-FP, the Manual delimits 28 subregions. In the hypothetical case of a plant occurring in all of the subregions but the southern Channel Islands, an author or editor might have chosen, in the interests of brevity and generality, to indicate "CA-FP" rather than "CA-FP (exc s ChI)".

Non-occurrence of a plant in an indicated area is difficult to document, but we will especially value your input on those types of possible errors. Here is a form that will facilitate feedback.

For those Manual entries in which the distribution information includes a parenthetic phrase, e.g., "ScV (Butte, Colusa cos.)", the range given for Najas graminea, all the information is provided in the line headed "Bioregional distribution" that precedes the map.

We hope that the graphical display provided by the maps will help toward improving the consistency of The Jepson Manual distribution data. We welcome your assistance.

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