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Calochortus venustus, John C. Game Caulanthus inflatus, John C. Game Harmonia guggolziorum, John C. Game Arctostaphylos ohloneana, Neal Kramer Willis Linn Jepson in the Vaca Hills, 1942, Neat M. Tate
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  1. Summary statistics
  2. Dynamic concordance: Use this search tool to look up names that were accepted in The Jepson Manual (1993). The return page will indicate how (or if) the name is treated in the eFlora (e.g., if it was accepted, excluded, or listed as a synonym under a newly adopted name).
  3. Superseded names: Browse this list of names from The Jepson Manual (1993) that are no longer recognized in the eFlora
  4. Comparison of recognition and composition of families: Learn about changes in families and genera.
  5. Jepson Manual name words: Import this list of names to build custom dictionaries (for example, for Word).
  6. Errata sheet for The Jepson Manual, Second Edition
  7. Retrieve names from eFlora
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  8. Indexes to accepted names and synonyms:
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  9. Table of families and genera
  10. Keys to genera in families
  11. Generate a list of taxa by bioregion (e.g., all species inferred from the eFlora to be present in the White and Inyo mountains)

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