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Citation for the whole project: Jepson Flora Project (eds.) [year] Jepson eFlora, [accessed on month, day, year]
Key to groups

Family key to Group 1

Group 1: Herbs; bulblets dispersed in place of seeds or fruits; available specimens without flowers

1. Leaves linear, ± entire, sheathing at base

2. Plant with strong odor of onion or garlic; bulblets in head or umbel ..... ALLIACEAE ([Allium sativum], Allium vineale)

2' Plant unscented; bulblets in spike- or panicle-like cluster

3. Leaves stiff, sword-like, vertically folded, attached "edge-on" to stem, < 60 mm wide ..... IRIDACEAE (Watsonia meriana)

3' Leaves soft, flat or folded, not attached "edge-on" to stem, 1–2 mm wide ..... POACEAE (Poa bulbosa subsp. vivipara)

1' Leaves linear-elliptic to round, entire, toothed, or palmately lobed, not sheathing at base

4. Leaves opposite, ± fleshy ..... MONTIACEAE (Montia chamissoi)

4' Leaves alternate or all basal, not fleshy

5. Proximal leaves sessile or tapered to short petioles; leaf blade entire or sharply toothed ..... SAXIFRAGACEAE (Micranthes)

5' Proximal leaves abruptly slender-petioled; leaf blade palmately lobed or divided

6. Proximal leaves 5–15 cm wide; plant stout, 30–150(200) cm ..... RANUNCULACEAE (Aconitum columbianum)

6' Proximal leaves 1.5–4 cm wide; plant slender, 8–50 cm ..... SAXIFRAGACEAE (Lithophragma)