California Moss eFlora: Introduction

Campylopus introflexus Bartramia ithyphlla Daniel H. Norris Fontinalis hypnoides, photo John C. Game Hookeria lucens
Campylopus introflexus
Bartramia ithyphylla
Daniel H. Norris
Fontinalis hypnoides
Hookeria lucens

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This online flora of California mosses is a work in progress. It is a collaborative effort of a broad group of professional and amateur bryologists, coordinated by UC Berkeley and Cal State Northridge. The initial basis for this flora derives from three print publications (Norris and Shevock 2004a,b; Malcolm et al. 2009) as well as previously unreleased full-length treatments of about 400 species by D. H. Norris. The eFlora already includes many updates to this previous work, and will continue to be updated into the future. The eFlora is meant to be used by journeymen bryologists; if you are a beginner, we have great things planned for you, a sketch of which is on the beginner page. This online flora is highly tentative, nothing more than a running draft. We welcome anyone who wants to partner with us in improving the draft in little and large ways. We will make minor editorial updates from time to time; we also plan to present new peer-reviewed versions of generic treatments done by experts based on examination of specimens. Volunteers are welcome to join in this effort; please contact Paul Wilson: Click for MORE INTRO...

Norris DH, Shevock JR. 2004. Contributions toward a bryoflora of California: I. A specimen-based catalogue of mosses. Madroño 51: 1-131. [Available from Madroño]
Norris DH, Shevock JR. 2004. Contributions toward a bryoflora of California: II. A key to the mosses. Madroño 51: 133-269. [Available from Madroño]
Malcolm B, Malcolm N, Shevock J, Norris D. 2009. California Mosses. Micro-optics Press. [This book is available from the California Native Plant Society, and a copy should always be kept handy next to one's microscopes.]


Editorial Board:
Lead Editor: Paul Wilson, Department of Biology, California State University, Northridge [SFV]
Brent D. Mishler, University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley [UC]
Richard L. Moe, University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley
Daniel H. Norris, University and Jepson Herbaria, University of California, Berkeley; and Humboldt State University
James R. Shevock, California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Other Major Contributors:
Arlee Montalvo (drawings); John Game (photos)

Jennifer Brazeal [SFV]; Lena Coleman [SFV]; Jackelyn Mayfield [SFV]; Hanna Mesraty [UC]


Citation for the whole project: P. Wilson (ed.) [year] California Moss eFlora, permanent URL [accessed on month, day, year]

Citation for an individual treatment: [Author of taxon treatment] [year]. [Taxon name] in P. Wilson (ed.) California Moss eFlora, [URL for treatment]. Accessed on [month, day, year].

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