The Jepson Herbarium 50th anniversary celebration and scientific symposium: Discovery, communication, and conservation of plant biodiversity in California 
June 16-18, 2000

Madroño Volume 47 Number 4

        Brent D. Mishler, Barbara  Ertter, Bruce G. Baldwin, and Staci Markos
Roles for modern plant systematics in discovery and conservation of fine-scale biodiversity.
        Bruce G. Baldwin
The need for integrated studies of the California flora.
        Brent D. Mishler
Our undiscovered heritage: Past and future prospects for species-level botanical inventory.
        Barbara Ertter
Floristic studies in contemporary botany.
        Theodore M. Barkley
Coupling species-level inventories with vegetation mapping.
        David A. Charlet
Electronic activities of the University and Jepson Herbaria.
        Richard Moe
Willis Linn Jepson's "mapping in forest botany"..
        Willis Linn Jepson, Richard Beidleman, and Barbara Ertter
Willis Linn Jepson: "The botany man".
        Richard G. Beidleman
Robert Ornduff: 1932-2000.
        Phyllis M. Faber and Peter H. Raven

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