University Herbarium, UC Berkeley

Iran Floristic Reconnaisance Trip - 1999
Dr. Fosiee Tahbaz and Dr. Barbara Ertter, UC-Berkeley

05 21 99

View of agricultural lands on the way back from Neishabur (where Omar Khayam's tomb was visited) to Mashhad

At Faruj Town between the cities of Ghutchan and Shiravan to the east of Mashhad, seeds and dried fruits are displayed for sale in the big bags. Products of this town are famous

Lakebed village NE of Mashhad

Vegetation NE of Mashhad

Wheat fields near city of Gorgan

Waterfall in park of Golestan, near Gorgan

During the visit of Golestan Park, Ertter and Tahbaz met a group of students of Gorgan University who were on a field trip with their professor

Tahbaz and other botanists during collection near Mashhad. Tahbaz holds collected plants in the leaf of Crambe kotskyana (Brassicaceae)

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