University Herbarium, UC Berkeley

Iran Floristic Reconnaisance Trip - 1999
Dr. Fosiee Tahbaz and Dr. Barbara Ertter, UC-Berkeley

05 18 99

Ertter, Tahbaz, and other colleagues next morning, pressing the collected plants in the balcony of the cabin that was provided by one of Tahbaz's former students, Mr. Zavarei in Alamut Village.

Very young leaves of Cirsium iranicum (Cnicus) or "Kangar" are usually used to make a delicious Iranian dish called Khorest-e-Kangar. This plant is very common in the Alamut area.

Ferula sp (Umbellifereae)

Botanists helping Tahbaz in field trip in Alamut area.

Lepidium perfoliatum (Brassicaceae), common weed everywhere.

Botanists rest and have a lunch on the way from Alamut to Karadj

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